Why superficiality is a poor basis for building trust

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Why superficiality is a poor basis for building trust


For building relationships of trust honesty is a critical element. Meaningful relationships can only develop when we show us sincere, transparent and honest. And actions speak louder than words. In decisive situations, we may see how seriously people take their intentions and values. Ordinary situations won’t show much, but, in case of problems or difficulties, we recognize good characters – people who really care about others and show real interest – with empathy, love, or humility. Superficial people here reveal their true selves – and the truth often hurts. We hardly believe that they are that way. But we have to accept the truth.

Superficial people are inwardly focused. They only focus on themselves. These people seek only happiness, not genuine relationships.

If you are in a relationship with a superficial person, you can be assured that your relationship will not show the significant depth.


Shallow and superficial people are constantly trying to make the world conform to them. And they often chase money, power, or fame, instead of concentrating on what is really important in life – genuine relationships, gratitude and humility.

Superficiality is a poor basis for building trust.

How may we trust someone who treats us superficially and dishonestly?

A good character is the best basis for trust.

Having a solid core of values and living these values consistently will speak volumes for us. It will help us to build meaningful relationships.



Avoid superficial people!




(Annotation: This is an excerpt from my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters„)

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