#Trust .. yes, no, maybe?

VonKarin Sebelin

#Trust .. yes, no, maybe?



You are so naive to believe that trust is a fill in task?

We often decide over trust with a defensive attitude.
We show no warm-heartedness.


Trust is no decision that we make like a sword.

Trust means we see people as human beings.
Yes, people are indeed human beings.
Trust is a confirmation for life, a confirmation that the person lives.
Through giving trust we respect and concede his humanity.

There is no „no“ or „maybe“ with regard to trust.
We don’t decide about trust.

Through our decision „no“ or „maybe“ we judge the person and doom him.


The more one judges the less one loves.“ ~ Honore de Balzac


When you cannot trust the person, give up thinking and accept the situation as it is or do something that trust can develop over time.

Too much thinking destroys the relationship fully.

Trust is no decision based on radical responsibility!


Learn to develop warm-heartedness and develop humanity.

As social animals a key factor to our living a happy life is friendship, trust and openness. We are all the same as members of one human family. Trust is the basis of friendship and we’ll find this if, in addition to the knowledge we gain from ordinary education, we develop warm-heartedness. This gives rise to self-confidence and inner strength, which through trust and friendship leads to co-operation with others.

( Dalai Lama)


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