TRUST … or Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

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TRUST … or Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf


Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved
by every one who looked at her, but most of all by her
grandmother, and there was nothing that she would not have given to the child.
Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else.
So she was always called Little Red-Cap.

One day her mother said to her: „Come, Little Red-Cap, here
is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine.  Take them to your
grandmother, she is ill and weak, and they will do her good.

Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk
nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may
fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will
get nothing.  And when you go into her room, don’t forget
to say, good-morning, and don’t peep into every corner before you do it.“

„I will take great care,“ said Little Red-Cap to her mother, and
gave her hand on it.

The grandmother lived out in the wood, half a league from the village, and just as Little Red-Cap entered the wood, a wolf met her.
Red-Cap did not know what a wicked creature he was, and was not at all afraid of him.

( Text by Brothers Grimm )


And how does the story end?

It ends that the wolf eats the grandmother and then Little Red-Cap.

We all know this fairy tale …

The story of the red-hooded girl and the trickster wolf with the insatiable appetite for little girls and grandmothers is very familiar to us.


What can we learn of the story?

And what has the story of Little Red Riding Hood to do with TRUST?


Little Red Riding Hood was full of trust and awe for the masked wolf.

She trusted too much, and that was fateful.

And she left the secure path and did not follow the given advice by her mother.



Don’t trust too easily and quickly!

A healthy distrust is always of advantage.

Don’t believe everything people want to tell you

… and we should never leave the secure path.


Illustration - Der große böse Wolf ist nach der Little Red Riding Hood


(Annotation: This is an excerpt from my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters„)


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