Selling: Trust ... or every dog bites


Selling is not always easy.


In our modern times people don’t trust us very easily.

The people you’re selling to had too many bad experiences and now think all dogs bite.


There is a nice story that explains that background so well:

Peter Sellers, who plays the hapless Inspector Clouseau in the classic movie “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”, sees a cute dog and with a ridiculous French accent asks the person standing near the dog: “Does your dog bite?” The man only shakes his head and answers: “No!” Inspector Clouseau then reaches out to the dog, when suddenly the dog bites in his hand. Clouseau irritated turns back to the man and indignantly asks: “I thought you said your dog does not bite?” The man casually replies: “That is not my dog!”


What can we learn from that story?

Even when you are an ethical person, your prospects are cautious and don’t trust you.

Unfortunately, it is a case of not being trustworthy, and you have to win people’s trust before a sale can be made.

People are often not very willing to give you a leap of faith and a new business has here a hard stand.

That’s why it is increasingly important to present yourself and your business in a way that conveys trust and confidence.




Sales conversion is all about creating trust and demonstrating value for the prospect to motivate him to become a paying customer.

The goal of this phase is to get your prospects trust you and buy from you.

Trust is about deepening the relationship with people.


Becoming a person of trust in business is a great chance.

It takes leadership, competence, and character to create relationships of trust.

Building trust is about getting to know people and then moving to liking them.


Business Rule:

1st: People know you,

2nd: They like you,

And 3rd: They trust you.



People know and learn to like us before they trust us.

Know me, like me, trust me is the principle that creates valuable relationships.

Business people need to understand that trust is the value that is critical in order to have success.


Know me, but don’t forget – like me and remember – trust me and learn. – Karin Sebelin


My book on trust

“TRUST … the only kind of influence that really matters”

redefines what it really means to trust.

It dispels the myth that we have to earn trust, that we have to prove our trustworthiness.

Successful people know it better. Trust is not about being trustworthy.

Aiming on trustworthiness makes us to trust hunters, profit seekers and untrustworthy human beings.

We see everything from a winning perspective, instead of seeing the human being, who needs our trust.


The book is available from Createspace and via and

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