Trust is often taken for granted, misunderstood and severely underestimated. We think we have people’s trust and suddenly wake up.


Fish discover water last. ~ French proverb



In other words, fish are unaware of the existence of the water, until the water gets too low or becomes polluted.

In the same way people discover trust last.

We become so immersed in the presence of trust, that we take its existence for granted, until trust gets low.


The reality is, we are living in a low-trust world.

Having a good reputation and the ability to create trust in a world full of distrust is a great advantage for a leader.


It is important to see trust with new eyes.


Trust is …

  • The “glue” of business and social exchange
  • The basis for collaboration
  • A competency
  • The basis for lasting relationships
  • The strategy with the greatest reach
  • The only kind of influence that really matters
  • A sign how much we respect others
  • A risk, but also a chance
  • No recipe for automated behavior
  • A way of life – an attitude




Never take trust for granted ….

Never take anything for granted …

Steadily work on your reputation, on your success, on your relationships …


Trust is often taken for granted


(Annotation: This is an excerpt of my book “Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters“)


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