Trust begins with us … or I don’t trust you, but you shall trust me

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Trust begins with us … or I don’t trust you, but you shall trust me

Trust begins with us


Trust is crucial in business when genuine relationships shall develop.

Often conflicting interests, self-centeredness and personal ambition diminish the chance to developing such relationships of trust.

We, too often, shuffle off responsibility when it comes to relationships. We don’t see ourselves as responsible to offer our trust. No, others shall make the first step. They shall give us their trust when they want to be seen as our contacts.

It is tempting to assuming that trust has to come from our environment, from other people.
When we rely on that assumption and thinking, we will never be able to develop valuable relationships with other people.


First, we should learn to trust ourselves.

If we don’t trust ourselves, why should others?

Trust is a matter of attitude, of how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen.

We should ask ourselves:

Shall I be perceived as a person who sees people with human and curious eyes?
A person who is really interested in others?

We cannot assume that people automatically will trust us.
Instead, we need to show ourselves credible, authentic, and interested, and we have to give our trust first.

We may not expect that others will show themselves as honorable. Nonetheless, we have to show ourselves as honorable.


We should remember:


Trust demonstrates that we value and respect people and their work.

Here are some ideas for showing other people that we are really interested in them:

1.) Listen to what others have to say

2.) Be interested in their lives and problems

3.) Show empathy

4.) Offer help and support

5.) Be generous

6.) Be transparent. Share about your own life and interests

7.) Acknowledge what people do for you

8.) Promote others

9.) Encourage and praise others

10.) Invite people in your personal environment



Trust does not develop from seeking but from giving trust.

Show that people make a difference in your life!



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