Vertrauen und das Hormon Oxytocin


The hormone oxytocin plays a key role in building trust in other people. So the study from the year 2005.


This year, a report by the scientific journal “Nature” made headlines:

Researchers had for the first time proven that the said hormone oxytocin is critically responsible for whether or not we trust other people.

Subjects to an experiment were significantly more confident when they first inhaled gaseous oxytocin. The messenger oxytocin has been known to biochemists since 1953. Oxytocin is in high concentration spilled v.a. by women for an easier birth (Greek: okys – fast and tiktein – give birth).


But the hormone also controls partner bonding, love, maternal care, sex, social memory and anxiety via the amygdala in the Limbic system.


Among other things, oxytocin ensures that, for example, we trust in faces that we do not really trust.


The US neuro-economist Paul Zag also says that the oxytocin concentration in our body even decides how moral we act. As evidence, he cites studies of increased donor readiness after inhaling oxytocin and an experiment in which elevated oxytocin levels were measured after viewing a short-cut short film. Compassion or the ability to empathize with other people is, however, a central prerequisite for moral action.



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