THE RISK OF TRUST – Needs don’t always arise in tandem

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THE RISK OF TRUST – Needs don’t always arise in tandem


Did you know that trust is like a bet?

Trust indeed contains an element of risk. The risk that we never know how a story ends.

We have to learn that we cannot be sure about other people, despite knowing them well.
Relying on assumptions does not make sense, we should simply learn to trust others.

It could be so easy:

When trust would be simultaneously repaid, when people would do us their favor at the same time,
there would be no fear and risk to trust.

But reality looks different …

“Needs don’t always arise in tandem.”

(The Truth about Trust by David DeSteno)

They come up unexpectedly and spontaneously, like a bicycle. 
Needs entail delayed reciprocity or the cognizance that our confidence in the person was in vain.

The latter is the risk.

But if no one was willing to trust and honor commitments, human society would cease to exist.

We HAVE to trust whether we like it or not!





Don’t wait for a tandem!

Don’t wait for the day where people do us their favor without delay!



When you expect every favor returned, then it is not a favor!

It is an expectation!

~ Karin Sebelin



(Annotation: This is an excerpt from my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters“)

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