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VonKarin Sebelin

#TRUST – A mouse does not rely on just one hole


Being consistent with our words and actions is very important as people learn to trust us. We cannot expect people to endure our changing arguments or points of view.

Do we present ourselves like a mouse that feels weak toward the cat?

Do we seek steadily new holes of interpretation in order not to admit our own weakness and insecurity?

Are we mice, or are we people with a firm opinion that we stand by no matter what other people think?

Consistency in communication is extremely important when we shall be seen as reliable person.
We cannot expect people to tolerate our fluctuating behavior.

When it comes to trust, it can be very decisive for our success that people see us as a person of integrity, single-mindedness and sincerity.

A mouse cannot convince.




Beware of mice that steadily seek new holes!

We should mean what we say – always!


Mouse holes