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VonKarin Sebelin

Branding is „the whole package“ … or Dress for success


Branding is not only your logo. People too often forget the own appearance.

Don’t overlook that even small things or accessories  add up to the branding image you want to create.

Your task is to make your personal brand be understood also through your cloths and your appearance.

When everything fits together, in harmony, people are attracted and will like it.

Aligning your wardrobe style with your professional brand has advantages:



1.) You make a bigger impression

2.) When you know you look great, you walk, talk and think differently. Thus, you gain new confidence. Clothes lead to self-trust. You know the slogan: „Clothes make people“ ?

3.) Your improved appearance and renewed confidence will make others see you in a more positive light, which will help to attract new and exciting opportunities and relationships.

4.) An attractive appearance will help you with regard to achieving trust. Too often the first impression counts!

5.) Having a stylish wardrobe is a chance for spontaneous meetings with people (lunch, dinner, business meetings, …). You are always prepared!

6.) People DO judge a book by its cover and they judge you by your clothes.




Take control and create a lasting positive image that supports you personally and professionally.

Dressing in harmony with your brand will help you to more success and opportunities.


Here some points you should reflect about:

  • Stop wasting money on clothes you rarely wear. Be selective !
  • Eliminate guesswork when shopping.
  • Make shopping quicker and less stressful.
  • Make the daily visit to your wardrobe an inspiration.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Have others commenting on the positive change in your appearance.

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Now, I will ask you:


1.) How has the way you look or dress affected your career?

2.) How do you show your brand via your clothes?

3.) Is your wardrobe working for you?


Live your life as if your prayers have already been answered.

Show that in the way you dress.