Frauen setzen eher auf Sympathie


Today I read in the book “ÜBERZEUGT!” of Jack Nasher the following statement:


“Women are more open for people they like. Men, however, are more open for people they trust.”


That would mean:

Women set more on sympathy, men on trust.


Definition: What is sympathy?


The word “sympathy” originally comes from the Latin.

“Sympathy” describes a spontaneous affection towards a person on the emotional level. The opposite of “sympathy” is “antipathy”. The Meyers Conversation Encyclopedia describes as “sympathy” a person’s ability to empathize with the pleasure and suffering of the other person (empathy) and to create an indefinite feeling of inner affinity with that person. “Sympathy” usually arises automatically and without reason. Often we can not say exactly why we like a person.




“Sympathy” is very closely related to “empathy”.

And we can also record:

The more people we resemble, the more sympathetic we find them.


Whether people like us, we can control a bit.


We are more sympathetic when we show this kind of behaviour:


1.) Address our counterpart by name

2.) Charismatic appearance

3.) Use an upright, confident body language

4.) Smile often

5.) Make eye contact

6.) Listening

7.) Being able to handle criticism

8.) Show passion

9.) Are honest

10.) Are authentic

11.) Are tolerant

12.) Are reliable


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