How would you define trust?

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How would you define trust?


Trust is the expectation of a person, a group, or company of ethically justifiable behavior by the other person, group, or company, the expectation of morally correct decisions and actions based on ethical principles. Trust requires goodwill.

We associate trust with loyalty and resiliency. Trust is an invaluable organizational asset. It impacts the quality of every business relationship and has a positive influence on the growth of a company.

In an organization, people should communicate openly and honestly. Good business is conducted with competence, fairness, integrity, transparency, and authenticity, it is about reliability and is led by moral and ethical standards. Central to trust are also the ideas of empathy, compassion, or benevolence, and people in such an organization have good motives and intentions.

Trust is the “glue” of business and social exchange.

Trust creates more trust. It is generative. The more signals of trust we share, the more trust increases.

However, trust can’t be forced. Peoples must create conditions where they give their trust freely.

When people choose to trust, a good and effective cooperation and collaboration between people is possible.

We should learn that trust is a delicate thing and lies in the eye of the beholder. What does that mean? It means that we can be totally unaware that our behavior destroys the trust around us. We assume that we have a fine behavior, whereas others feel annoyed or scared off.

Trust always involves a risk, the risk of being hurt or disappointed. It includes vulnerability, it includes the possibility that the other person will act opportunistically or in a self-serving manner.

People say trust has to develop over time, but that is false. We should give our trust and express our confidence in people immediately to receive their trust, too.

Trust is no security … but a good chance for interesting and effective relationships between human beings.


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(Annotation: This is an excerpt from my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters„)


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