Each interaction with a person is a “moment of trust”

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Each interaction with a person is a “moment of trust”


Behavior matters, especially for building trust.

The truth is that in each relationship what you do and how you do it has a greater impact than anything you say.

You can say “I love you” to someone, but only through the right action you are able to convince. Words can be wonderful, but without the right action they are useless. When words are followed by the right validating behavior, they can increase trust.

Trust is established through action. ~ Hank Paulson, Goldman Sachs


Here some examples for increasing trust through our behavior:

1. Talk straight, tell the truth
2. Demonstrate respect
3. Create transparency
4. Know what is right and what is wrong
5. Show loyalty and give credit to others
6. Deliver results
7. Get better and improve capabilities
8. Confront reality
9. Clarify expectations and make things happen
10. Practice accountability
11. Extend trust. Trust people, and they will trust you
12. Listen first before you speak and act
13. Keep commitments




Keep in mind that each interaction with a person is a “moment of trust”.


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