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VonKarin Sebelin

The key to successful leadership is not influence, it is #trust .. give people trust and you don’t need influence


TRUST … is the only kind of influence that really matters


There is a quote:

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. ~ Kenneth Blanchard


When we think like that, we only think about us – we are egoistic and selfish and aim on our personal success.


Our future lies in other people and their success.
Our goal should always be giving people our trust that they learn to trust us.
And giving our trust has nothing to do with aiming on trustworthiness.
Others should be trustworthy for us.
When we see others with a human heart, when we see their soul and humanity, we see their trustworthiness.


Fact is:

We too often rely on how leaders inspire us.
We give everything for words and trust them.
We better should pay attention to their behavior.


Try to understand:

When we are egoistic and selfish and market us too much, we seek to gain influence.

Influence is about us … trust is about others.

That is the difference.

The decisive difference.


There is an equation:

Inspiration + false behavior = influence or distrust

Inspiration + right behavior = influence + trust = best success




In the future leaders will be watched for their behavior.

False, untrustworthy and egoistic behavior will lead to distrust.

Distrust will weaken our influence, our brand and our success.


Trust is the basis for long-term and optimal success in the future.


(Annotation: This is an excerpt of my book „Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters„)