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VonKarin Sebelin

How positive are you?


Having a positive outlook on life and on things is a choice. We can choose either to think positive thoughts that elevate our mood or we can choose to think negative thoughts and fall into depression and sadness. It is our decision to make our life bright and happy.


There is a saying:

„We become what we think.“


Think positive and we become a positive person, think negative and our life is full of negativity and negative experiences.


We are the masters of our own luck, we have the steering wheel in hand how our life shall end. We decide if our life is filled with possibilities and solutions or with worries and obstacles.  


Now you will say: 

How can I think more positively?


1.) First we should understand the benefits of positive thinking…

  • An increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression and distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better mental and physical well-being
  • Better coping skills during times of stress
  • A more natural ability to form relationships and cement bonds


2.) Then we should understand that we can control our thoughts. We can steer our thoughts in the direction we want.


3) When negative thoughts should appear suddenly, we should not pay attention to them and some minutes later they will disappear.


4.) We should avoid „black and white“ thinking.

There are people who when something happens afterwards they see always the problem in it. They over-generalize the problem and one day they only see black cats. Pushing our problems into the same direction leads to inability and laziness.


5.) We should avoid „personalizing“.

There a people who seek the fault and guilt for each problem in themselves. They make themselves to victims.


6.) We should avoid „filter thinking“.

What is „filter tinking“? This kind of thinking means people hear only the negative message in something communicated to them.


7.) We should avoid „catastrophizing“

People here think that anything will end in a catastrophe.


8.) We should avoid „fortune-telling thinking“.

It is harmful to steadily look into the past and try to compare past experiences with our future

Past experiences are here to learn from, to have memories, but not to burden us with these experiences.


9.) Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

We should learn to change our negative thoughts into positive ones.


10.) And at last we should try to see the positive side of bad experiences.

When something bad happens, we should seek the wisdom behind and should find meaning in it.

We should ask us:

„What does this problem try to teach me?




Positive thinking is helpful and to recommend for leading a happy and successful life.

Learn to think more positively. See the positive side in things.

Remember that thinking positively takes time.

Be aware of your own feelings and thoughts.

Practice mindfulness.

Spend time with optimistic people and learn from them.

Don’t forget to have fun.


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