What is branding?

Branding is finding our purpose, our identity, how we shall be perceived.

People think: A brand is a name with the power to influence … add the name trust in the own profile and I can influence people under the guise of trust.


Trust is no guise… no coat in that we cloth us suddenly.


Certainly a good name in the own profile helps a lot for being successful, but trust is no arbitrary means that we can use for pimping up the own profile.
When we are suddenly a “trusted leader” and before we had an outstanding expert profile there is something wrong in our thinking.
Trust does not come from making others believe we are a person of trust …
trust must be lived and shown over a long time that we as a brand are seen with trust.
A brand is a brand because of the experience people have with this special person or organization.
And experience does not come in two minutes when exchanging a word in a profile.

Trust is very important nowadays …
but what is important, too, is that people have a right to assess a brand`s credibility …
and brand credibility comes with experience and performance.

A brand is not created through simple word constructs … finding the own purpose, the own identity and living is more important at first hand.
A brand does not seek to convince … it seeks to live the own style, the own purpose, seeks to be different and through that experience created in people`s eyes it finds its own meaning.

Branding means finding the soul of our brand, defining a clear positioning strategy, articulating a compelling and differentiated value proposition for our target audience and constantly living the own mission and vision in order to creating valuable experiences, trust and brand loyalty.

Branding is not the same as brand …very important.

Branding is the strategy and the end product is the brand.

First comes branding.




– A brand is not defined through good will and good intent
– A brand is defined by experience over a longer time which leads to trust
– First comes branding, then the brand … not the other way round.
– Trust is no variable term and no guise we can easily abuse


Branding … or a brand is a name with the power to influence …

Branding … or a brand is a name reflecting experience and trust …

And trust is no guise … no coat in that we cloth us suddenly.


Trust is no guise


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