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(Es ist ein eBook und ein Arbeitsbuch für ethische Führung.)



















A Workbook for Ethical Leadership
10 Key Elements for Success
Karin Sebelin


This book will help you to align your attitude, virtues,
thinking, habits, trust, morals, values, principles, duties and
experience with your brand, enhance the personality of the
brand and sustain this to a level that creates positive
authentic impact every time any stakeholder interacts with
or experiences your organization.

This book will take you from where you may be now in the
corporate world, to where you need to get to with regard to
the key elements of corporate branding.

The key elements for a successful entrepreneur nowadays
are the following:

1.) Ethics         6.) Morals
2.) Virtues      7.) Values
3.) Thinking   8.) Principles
4.) Habits       9.) Duty
5.) Trust       10.) Experience